Oceano's anti-bacterial tiles

Oceano's antibacterial tiles live broadcast promotion conference started, which triggered a craze for 11,000 people to watch!


2020-05-26 11:26 


At 4 pm on May 25th, professional antibacterial, healthier-2020 Oceano antibacterial tiles live broadcast conference was grandly held. This is the first time that Oceano will broadcast a new product launch conference to all Oceano members and more than 1,000 distributors nationwide. In just one and a half hours, it attracted 11,000 viewers. The live broadcast room was very lively. The manufacturers together witnessed the official launch of the 4 years of research and development of the Oceano antibacterial Tile.



The expert group calls together to scientifically interpret the strength of antibacterial Tiles

On the live broadcast, the organizers invited Dr. Ke Shanjun, Senior Engineer of Oceano Central Research Institute, Dr. Zhang Ti from South China University of Technology, and Dr. Qifei Sun from Tongji University to appear in the live broadcast room to jointly call the Antiseptic Antibacterial Tile.


Dr. Feiye Sun first interpreted the 2020 Chinese indoor home environment research for the audience in the live broadcast room. He said that most residents spend more than 80% of their time indoors. The quality of the indoor environment is closely related to human health. Therefore, it is particularly important to have a healthy and safe home environment. important.

Dr. Feiye Sun, Tongji University

Dr. Zhang Ti from South China University of Technology then gave a detailed answer to "How to Create a Healthy Home Indoor Environment". She believes that the most important part of creating a healthy home environment is home building materials. The ceramic tile has the largest share of home building materials, therefore, the realization of the antibacterial function of ceramic tiles is very important for creating a healthy and safe home environment!


Dr. Zhang Ti from South China University of Technology

In the cheers of the live broadcast room, Dr. Ke Shanjun, a senior engineer of Oceano Central Research Institute officially unveiled the mystery of the antibacterial Tiles of Oceano to the audience in the live broadcast room. Dr. Ke mentioned that from the project development to the product launch, Oceano’s antibacterial Tiles have been carefully studied for nearly four years, only to present a good product that can truly solve the current indoor environmental health problems. It not only has an antibacterial rate as high as 99%, but also resists influenza viruses, hand, foot and mouth viruses. I believe that the launch of this product will provide a harder guarantee for the healthy home life of Chinese people.


Dr. Ke Shanjun, Senior Engineer, Central Academy of Oceano

Professional appreciation of scientific research results, antibacterial effect is highly recognized

At this new product introduction meeting, the organizer also showed the research results of Oceano antibacterial Tiles on the spot, including authoritative test reports, national invention patents, and visualized antimicrobial effect experimental presentation and comparison. Under the leadership of Dr. Ke Shanjun, Senior Engineer of Oceano Central Research Institute, a group of experts stepped forward to experience the professional charm of Oceano Antibacterial Tiles.


Dr. Ke introduced the Oceano products to the expert team

In the forum session, Professor Zeng Lingke, an expert in the high-performance ceramics and preparation technology team of South China University of Technology, Professor Wang Yanmin, an expert in the nanomaterials and advanced preparation technology team of South China University of Technology, and Professor Wu Mingluo, an expert in the Key Laboratory of Inorganic and Synthetic Chemistry of the Ministry of Education, Sun Yat-sen University, China Xue Guangbin, director of the analysis and testing center and senior engineer of the Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, expressed their opinions on Oshino antibacterial Tiles in their respective fields, and also fully affirmed the significance of Oshino antibacterial Tiles for the healthy life of modern homes.


The expert team fully affirmed Oceano Antibacterial Tile

Full explanation of the new product series to help the terminal sell out

At the end of the presentation, Mr. Han Shengfeng, Manager of the Display Design Department of Oceano Ceramics, introduced the Oceano Antibacterial Tile to the audience of the live broadcast room in detail from the aspects of product positioning, product specifications, product design, and product sampling techniques.

Han Shengfeng, Manager of the Display Design Department of Oceano, explained the product sampling

It is believed that under the guidance of the headquarters, the family members of the distributors in the live broadcast room are full of confidence in the sample display of the antibacterial Tile store in the later stage.


A panel of experts praised Oceano

After 22 years of research and production, Oceano has become a high-level representative of high-end ceramic tile technology in China. The successful holding of this antibacterial Tile new product promotion meeting means that Oceano will enter a new field in the research and development of functional Tiles, and it also shows that Oceano is concerned about the health of Chinese families and protects every family with reliable research and development results. determination!


Antibacterial Tiles, choose Oceano!